Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 6: When Santa Fell to Earth

I recently checked out a weird Christmas movie from the local library, because I'm poor and cheap like that.  It's a German film entitled When Santa Fell To Earth.  It was mostly super cheesy and horribly dubbed, not really scary.  There was a strange conversation between a mother and child about cocoa beans, Mayan rituals, and "confectioneries".  

Our Santa character, or "the last real Santa" is basically Dr. Who meets Old Saint Nick.  He even has his own TARDIS-sleigh that is "bigger on the inside".  Santa's traveling companions include two fairy sized "angels" and two CGI elves.

The movie has the stereotypical  "gotta save Christmas" plot, as the last real Santa is hunted down by the evil Waldemar Wicheteltod, "goblins" (they look human to me), and sinister nutcrackers.  Waldy wants to rid the world of all Santas and leave the gift giving to parents.  I don't know why, for peace and order?

If you have to fold laundry one night, or don't feel like moving or thinking, then give this movie a watch!

Creepmas 2016 Day 5: Galaxy Santa Covers

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 1: Mix Tape

Listen HERE. I hope this music gets you in the Creepsmas spirit. 


Side A

1. Nox Arcana - Vigil
2. BattleToads Arcade OST - Stage 2
3. Kidnap the Sandy Claws- KoRn Version
4. Edward Scissorhands - Ice Dance
5. Legend - Blue Room

Side B

1. Krampus - Karol of the Bells (Krampus Original Soundtrack)
2. Krampus - Dark Instrumental Christmas Music - Midnight Syndicate
3. Undertale OST - Snowdin Town Extended
4. Invader Zim - Christmas song (Bow down)
5. Current 93-A Day In Dogland

"Hidden" Tracks

The Residents - Santa Dog (1972)
The Residents - Santa Dog '78
The Residents - Santa Dog '88
The Residents - Santa Dog 2006